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In 1999, the Learning Needs Centre was formed. The centre started out as a remedial centre for individuals and small group coaching of young children with learning difficulties. The primary objective of this centre was to provide reading and remedial education for struggling learners and reluctant readers in English.

Gradually, it also provided remedial lessons in Maths and also included the teaching of Chinese and Science to its range of educational services. The Learning Needs Centre now provides a diversel range of educational services to students, parents and schools. These include:

Our Consultants and team of qualified teachers maintain a close network of contact with like-minded professionals in the Ministry of Education, and in the schools. These links help us keep abreast of the latest developments in the schools and in the Ministry, so that learners and parents are provided with the highest level of service. The Centre also works with a number of private educational institutions to share and exchange views and keep up with professional development

The objective of all our programmes is to develop within each and every individual, the desire to learn, the confidence to speak and write, and ultimately becoming an independent learner.

The Learning Needs Centre is privileged to have the support of a closely-knit team of professional consultants and experienced teachers

A pupil-centred, holistic approach is adopted to cater to the intellectual and emotional needs of the learner. Special remedial classes are held in small groups for learners who have learning difficulties and disabilities.
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